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The Budget Twin
Eau Claire, WI Movie Theater

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The Budget Twin is easy on the pocket book. It's also a bit of fun -- check out the old time movie look. Love it.

Budget Twin
315 South Barstow Street
Eau Claire, WI 54701
(715) 832-3355

What's Playing?

  • Open Evenings and Weekends
  • Affordable
  • Downtown Eau Claire

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This is the movie house that mom used to take us to. (Thanks, mom!) The Saturday matinees -- with three kids, you can bet she didn't want to break the bank. I still remember walking through the snow from the parking lot.

This cinema will have you smiling. From the time you see its vintage sign out front to when you see its vintage décor inside. It's also easy on the budget (check the name).

My son and I stopped here on a Saturday to catch a matinee. Unbelievable! Yes, I had to loop the block twice to find parking, but when we purchased our tickets it came to less than $6 -- Total! Easy fun.

Walking in the front door, there was a scattering of popcorn on the floor. A tiny popcorn and soda stand showed goodies at a discount price. The décor echoed time past -- walls were painted pink and the moldings were white. Wow.

So, the second floor has stadium seating -- which made it easy to see over everyone's head. Except for the little girl that was so excited that she had to stand up.

Before you leave, check out the newspaper that they saved from the day they opened -- it's on the wall. I was tempted to read the entire article, but there were more adventures to be had.

It was a fun time. There were four movies playing today -- and it seems like at least two of them were family friendly. This would be an easy pick if you've got a van-load of kids.

Staying downtown or shopping there? Also an easy treat. Stop in to the Budget Twin.

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The Budget Twin has made the big change and is now owned by Micon Cinemas. I've been keeping an eagle eye on them. They're still a great price. Check'em out.


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