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Indianhead Foodservice Distributor
Eau Claire Food

New Eau Claire food store! I was excited to find the Indianhead Foodservice Distributor had a new store. This is my go-to place for great steaks.

Indianhead Foodservice Distributor
2801 East Hamilton Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 835-1032

IFD website

  • Great Steaks
  • Frozen Foods
  • Restaurant Supply
  • Bulk Foods

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Ok, yes, here's my secret. If you want a great steak for your grill, stop here. Restaurant quality steaks are pre-tenderized, frozen, and ready to go. Be careful you don't lose these tender steaks through the grill.

Indianhead Food Company (IFD) has long had their main store down by Birch and Hwy 53. It's kinda hidden, though, so unless you live near there or are a long-term resident, you might never know they were even there.

Being that they supply for restaurants (and savvy shoppers), they have food for Eau Claire in large quantities. If you're looking to feed everyone at your family reunion, this is the place to go. Likewise, if you're having 30 of your closest friends over for dinner, stop in.

So, their new store is near Hwy 93 and London Road -- in the same strip mall as Mill End Textiles and Molly's Mercantile. You'll see them on the end with large windows looking out onto the parking lot.

Mom and I stopped into this Eau Claire food store to see what was what. Before I left, I bought fresh strawberries and a large bag of frozen buffalo wings.

Yes, IFD carries fresh produce in the back. They also have disposable baking supplies, restaurant pans, large canned items, spices and frozen foods.

Their frozen food products is where they really shine. Frozen fruit by the bagful, frozen steaks -- an entire freezer full. You can even find an extra large lasagna that would probably be enough for a family of 10 or more.

This is not the place to do your every day shopping, but if you're looking to feed a lot of people, do stop. Likewise, if you're stocking your large freezer, you should check out Indianhead Foodservice Distributor.

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