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Gemini Drive In
Eau Claire Movies

Gemini Drive In
6730 Highway 12 West
Eau Claire, WI 54701

Open May -- September (when the kids go back to school, it closes)

What's Playing?

Be careful! Certain maps show Gemini on the wrong side of town It's off Hwy 12 by Elk Mound.

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Welcome to the most popular Eau Claire movies' experience near Elk Mound, WI. Located on Eau Claire's West Side, the Gemini Drive-In still has that old-fashioned fun. Pack up the car!

I used to live in Elk Mound. Each time I would drive by the Gemini, I'd check out the movie schedule. Plan to try this at least once -- you won't be disappointed.

Back to going to Eau Claire movies and paying by the carload -- how awesome is that? Get your kids and all their friends. If you've got a mini-van you could suddenly become very popular.

Most times, there are cars lining up outside the theater for at least a half an hour before show time. Beat the rush. Get there early. There's a play set there (just like when you were a kid), so the kids will have plenty to do.

If your kids are older, they're sure to be running around the grounds finding friends from school or down the road. I let mine run -- that way I can have some peace and set up the lawn chairs with my husband.

You'll find some people plan ahead and bring their pickup trucks. They back them in and set up the chairs in the bed of the truck. Of course, the standard is to put the speaker in the window, and you can still do that.

They do have a concession stand. All the usual fare can be found -- soda, popcorn, candy. I think they've even got things like hot dogs and stuff.

Your kid's next birthday party could have Eau Claire movies' fun. How great would that be? Pop in a pizza and cake at home and then truck them all down in the mini-van. They'll love it.

Quick List of Things to Bring

  • Blankets (especially if you're sitting outside the vehicle)
  • Bug Spray (just in case)
  • Lawn Chairs
  • Flash Light (to find things in the dark)

These outdoor theaters are slowly disappearing. There used to be three in this area and now there's one. Don't wait to enjoy this.

For the early to bed people (like me), the second movie might be pretty late. Even so, it's total family fun that you and your kids will remember for years. Don't wait -- it's only open during the summer.

Got rained out? There's more Eau Claire movies that are easy on the budget if you've got a carload.

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