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Irvine Park
Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin


Irvine Park
Chippewa Falls, WI 54729

Open daily til dusk.

The pavilion reservation site is here!

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There's a gorgeous little park in the heart of Chippewa Falls, WI.

It's got a zoo, pavilions, picnic areas, tons of places for the kids to play and beautiful drives.

A river runs through it and the view over Glen Loch Dam is beautiful.

What is there to do? Explore the cave, go wading at the beach, find the duck pond. If I were you, I'd park the car and just walk.


There's a cave in Irvine Park. It's next to where the bear den used to be. As a kid, I loved the cool, cool air in the summertime. Of course, we also loved to yell in the cave and hear our own voices booming back at us.

The rock wall is where the touch-me-nots bloom orange in the summer. Mom used to take us there to touch them. We'd jump when the tiny pods exploded. Frozen waterfalls here will amaze you in the winter.

Paths wind their way throughout the park. There's even an ancient, secret staircase -- will you find it?

irvine-park-secret-stair irvine-park-rock-wall



There's no life guard, but there is a tiny beach in the park. It's behind the main pavilion. The water is swift in the middle, but near the beach, it's perfect for wading.

As a kid, I knew when I was getting big -- cause I could get to the other side of this river. That's where the forget-me-nots bloom.

If you've got more than one tiny tot, you may want to take a trip to the Chippewa Pool -- across the street from the South entrance to the park. It's got large areas for the kids to play.



Park equipment with sand underneath helps ensure your little adventurers will have fun and be safe.

It may be the best way to get them to sleep well at night -- let them play!

Christmas Lights


In the winter, when childhood doesn't seem so far away, the Christmas lights in the park are fascinating.

Thousands and thousands of lights are wrapped around trees and shrubs. Hundreds of wooden, hand-painted figures and displays are put up by the volunteers.

Music is piped through the park, and you can enjoy the entire thing from the comfort of your car. Perfect -- even if it's a bit nippy out.

Fill a thermos with hot chocolate and drive the kids through. Make their Christmas magic.

This would also be a very special date event -- so romantic!

Note: Check the Chamber calendar for hours. I hope they'll be able to continue this beautiful light display.


Band Shell

The band shell is a beautiful white, classic structure -- perfect for large events. Planning an outdoor wedding? Your ceremony will be picture-perfect here.

Irvine Park Pavilion

Mouse over the picture to pause the show.

The pavilion is a beautiful structure. Large and open, it's got lots of picnic tables and electric lighting. A small house behind it has electricity and a counter for all the crock pots at your family reunion.

The pavilion is also near the water and a children's play area is close by. There's plenty to do if you've got lots of people.

The Irvine Park Zoo is BEAR-ly there. :)

Stressed out and need to get away? Looking for a fun, inexpensive afternoon? Hosting the entire family reunion? This park is just the spot.

After the park, there's only one more stop you need to make... all the locals know it.

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