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Minneapolis Airport Shuttle

Minneapolis airport shuttle services can take a nerve wracking experience (the airport traffic) and make it just that much better.

The Minneapolis airport shuttle smooths your travel worries. Let someone else do the driving!

MSP has two terminals. It's not terribly hard to find, but frankly, I would rather not deal with the multi-level, multi-terminal airport and its traffic and parking regulations.

If this is your first time at MSP, make sure you know which terminal you're traveling to. Simple, yes, but crucial.

Eau Claire Passenger Service

The most convenient way to get to MSP might be the Eau Claire airport shuttle. Hop in the shuttle van at one of the pickup locations and zoom to Minneapolis -- no worries about traffic and they drop you off right out front.

Even for me (terminally lost without a map), I only had a problem with this Minneapolis airport shuttle one time -- and it wasn't their fault.

Park N Go

If you're driving yourself and want convenient, long-term parking, you might try the Park N Go. Before I tried it, I had visions of a dark, un-manned parking lot -- before I tried it.

It was really easy to see in the parking lot. The shuttle ran about every 15 minutes and -- again -- they dropped me off right out front. So easy!

Hotel Shuttles

I've forgotten the name of the hotel, but not the scene at the shuttle pickup area. The tall man in a tie and a long, dark, coat was insisting that his flight left in 20 minutes and the shuttle should leave -- Now.

I couldn't believe this guy! I was standing right there with my bag, and he's trying to get the shuttle attendant to bend to his evil, over-sleeping ways.

The hotel attendant didn't even look flustered (had he seen this rude behavior before?) Our shuttle was on time -- and had tons of room for our luggage. The van was large enough that I didn't have to look at Rude Dude. Nice.

We had an early flight, so had elected to stay over at a hotel and take the shuttle. Our car could stay at the hotel lot for no extra charge. It was a nice way to start our honeymoon.

If your flight is super early or you just don't want the hassle of rush hour before your travels, try one of the local hotels with a shuttle. It worked for me.

Anything that makes travel easier is on my list of things to do. Driving myself to the airport, dealing with traffic and multiple parking lots is on my list of things to avoid.

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