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Mona Lisa's Restaurant

Mona Lisa's is a beautiful, artsy hangout on historical Water Street in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The last time I and my sweetie visited, we were able to get a table right away. A good thing, considering it was quite crowded.


Mona Lisa's
428 Water Street
Eau Claire, WI 54703
(715) 839-8969

  • Italian
  • $$--Special Treat
    ($15-$25 for entree)
  • Great for--Romantic date, business lunch, make an excuse!
  • Serves alcohol
  • Closed Mondays
Mona Lisa's Website

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If they have changed something besides the artwork, it's the tables. I understand wanting to accommodate everyone, but the low roar of conversation was a bit much. Placing them closer together -- I don't know that it was a good move.

Despite this, the food was lovely. A glass of the house Merlot and a bit of conversation. Before long, our waitress had brought us out the hand-crafted bread and herbed butter. I'm guessing the bread is Italian and handmade since it's got such a lovely crust. Thank heaven it's not sweet bread.

The atmosphere at Mona Lisa's is scrumptious. Finally, a place that feeds the eye as well as the stomach. Luxuriate on the couch or linger at the bar -- both are great. The tables each have a view of large artwork throughout the restaurant. As an art enthusiast, I applaud. Well done.

So, what did we order? Well, JP is a bit of a traditionalist. He ordered his favorite -- Italian sausage with red sauce over penne. Good flavor even though it no longer comes with spicy sausage.

I ordered a seafood pasta dish. It came with mussels, shrimp, scallops, and calamari. As a note, I'm a seafood fan. When I go back, I may have to try the Seafood gumbo again. That was excellent. (Yes, I do make this restaurant a habit).

If you visit Mona's in the summer, do consider sitting in the back patio. One of the most romantic nights for us one summer was back there, lingering over dinner. It was a quiet evening spot, perfectly warmed by the chiminea. The brick and ironwork was beautifully charming, too.

On the whole, Mona Lisa's is a treat.

Want something a bit more casual, but with a great atmosphere?

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