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Racy D'Lene's Coffee Lounge
Racy's of Eau Claire

Racy D'Lene's Coffee Lounge
404 Riverside Avenue
Eau Claire, WI 54703

Racy D'Lene's Website

  • Love the Coffee!
  • Cappuccinos
  • Espressos
  • Lattes
  • Sandwiches
  • Connected to The Nucleus Cafe
  • weekdays 7am-12am
    weekends 8am-12am

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Racy's in Eau Claire, WI shows people how 'hip' you are. If you are a Racy's Regular, people raise their eyebrows at you. "Really? I didn't know how amazing you were, but now I can see it."

Trying to park at Racy D'Lene's Coffee Lounge may be frustrating, but keep trying. I'll sip my coffee while you circle the block. You should know that the map shows a road that runs along the river. It's more like a parking lot or alley. Don't freak out.

My mom and I are always ready for coffee adventures. Racy's offers a pretty nice cuppa for you, too. To us die-hard Norwegian coffee drinkers, it passed the test. Two thumbs up, Racy's.

Am I a professional coffee connoisseur? Yes. Er. No, not technically. But, hey, I drink this stuff all the time, and I know what I like. That is a good enough reason for me to hunt down all of Eau Claire's coffee shops and test their brew.

When I couldn't find a parking spot right outside, I just parked down at the meter lot on the corner (by Quick Wok). A short walk (which is good for you), and we were in.

The atmosphere is distinctly relaxed urban hip. Exposed brick walls -- love brick -- with couches and chairs that have long since seen their expiration date come and go.

I was looking for a straight brew when I looked at their 'coffee menu'. Racy's Dark blend called to me. If you want to know if the coffee shop knows their stuff, try their 'signature' item.

We took our mugs over to the couch. I'd like to tell you I sipped the coffee, but it was gone too quickly for that. A deep, dark coffee -- good for any time of day and all kinds of weather.

Racy D'Lene's Coffee Lounge would be a good place to hide out from the day. Show everyone how hip you are and find Racy's Eau Claire.

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